We offer a variety of storage units to suit your needs.
All units have a minimum 8-foot ceiling. Sizes are approximate.

  • 35 sq ft (6x6 - walk-in closet size) Limited numbers - call for availability
  • $50.00/month

  • 54 sq ft (6x9 - small apartment) Limited numbers - call for availability
  • $70.00/month

  • 60 sq ft (5x12 - small apartment) - Available - Both Lots
  • $80.00/month

  • 120 sq ft (10x12 or 8x15 - 1-2 bedroom) - Available - Both Lots
  • $130.00/month

  • 195 sq ft (13x15 - 2 bedroom) Limited numbers - call for availability
  • $165.00/month

  • 240 sq ft (20x12 - 2-3 bedroom home) Limited numbers - call for availability
  • 185.00/month

Availability as of August 13, 2018


We'll do our best to work with you and can offer multiple units for a discount if needed
Contact us for details.
Availability can change quickly, so don't hesitate to give us a call!

  • Prices include GST and all fees - the price you see is what you pay
  • Padlocks are not included; We strongly recommend high-quality locks. Bring your own or buy one from us.
  • Discounts for pre-payments of 6 or 12 months (click here), or talk to us about multiple units
  • Penalties will apply for returned cheques, late payments, lock-outs and disposal
  • Refunds may be available if you move out early (minimum 2 weeks)
  • Contact us for more information